The Ultimate Versatile Race Car Camera

Replay XD is the perfect camera for your racing set up to make better than broadcast quality footage. The unobtrusive, low profile size of Replay XD HD Action Cameras means the camera can be placed more locations more easily and more securely with HardCore aluminium billet mounts and clamps. The Replay Prime X can be used as a stand alone camera with the built in battery or with extra performance and functions using hard wired options. The benefits of hard wired options allowed for:

  • Auto Start/Stop (Delayed Shut Down User Settings) on detection of external power - one less thing to think of when setting out.  Hard wire the external power cable to your own switch for automatic start up and recording so you don't have to touch the controls on the camera. Can be set with a delayed shut down so you don't miss any of the action.
  • External microphone/Audio input
  • Up to 15 hours (typically 5.5 to 6 hours at highest quality setting) of recording - enough time to cover the whole day of racing.

 PRO-TIP - Make sure you check out our Best On Board Settings page to get the best result for in car vision.



External Mic

  Don't want to hardwire the camera in but want extra running time? No problem. There are extended battery packs available in 2200mAh and 4400mAh giving upto 3 and 6 hours extra recording time respectively.  These are connected via a battery adapter cable available in 4 configurations - 80mm, 225mm, 4m (both with external audiou input) and the 4m with audio in and HDMI out (Only for the Prime X).


RePower 2200 Battery pack for up to 3 hours extra record time


Shorty 225mm RePower Adapter Cable


4 metre RePower Adapter Cable with Audio Input


4 metre RePower Adapter Cable with Audio In/HDMI Out 
Prime X Only


Repower 2200 - Up to 3 Hours extra record time


RePower 4400 - Up to 6 hours Extra Record Time

  Professional Mounts One part of the secret to great video recording is the mounting of the camera.  The better the mount the better the picture. Replay XD have high quality billet aluminium chassis and camera clamps as well suction cup mounts with aluminium arms for greater camera stability and a better camera picture.

replay-xd-billetmount_02.jpg replay-xd-billetmount-cc.jpg
replay-xd-billetmount_03.jpg replay-xd-billetmount_04.jpg
replay-xd-suctioncup-long-cc.jpg replay-xd-miniclamp_04.jpg